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Go South Coast Keycard

Buying tickets for the key

Do I need to wait for my key before I can buy a ticket to go on it?

No, once you log into your account there is a status bar that will tell  you if you card has been processed.  If it is you can buy a ticket straight away online.

 Can I use it on the bus straight away?

You will need to allow 3 hours from purchase before activating your key card on the bus.  

How long are ticket valid for on my key?

All products which are brough for use on the key must be used within 12 months of purchase, however you will need to activate your ticket within the first 3 months of purchase or it will become archived.If you need to activate it after that you will need to call us on 01202 678100 so that we can reactivate it for you.


Can I buy more than one ticket type on my key?

Yes you can, but you must tell the driver before you place it on the ticket machine which one of your tickets you would like to use that day.


Do I need a new key card when my ticket expires?

No, you don’t you use it time and time again – that’s why they are so environmentally friendly

Where can I top up my key?

We always recommend you top up online, as you can log in 24 hours a day.  However, you can also top up over the phone by calling 01202 678100, in one of our friendly, travel shops.

If you already have a regular product on your card, ie a 7 day period pass you can also top up instantly on bus with the driver.


What are the benefits of having a key?

·         You can top up at anytime

·         Your tickets will be safe and secure as if you lose your card – just call us and we can replace it for you with any remaining travel (for a £5 fee)

·         Other discounts too – check our our amazing key benefits page where you can get discounts on anything for a coffee to a haircut!There's a wide choice of ticket deals available on the key. The more you spend up front, the more you will save per day. Buying online is the cheapest way to purchase one of our tickets for travel.

How do I buy tickets for use with the key?

Once you have received your key smartcard you will be able to log in online 24 hours a day and make your ticket purchases.

Is it safe to buy tickets online and how is my information protected?

For your safety and assurance, our payment systems and regularly reviewed to ensure we are using the latest technology. Counter fraud services and encryption technology helps keep your payments secure. Personal information we hold in relation to your key, including your online key account, is protected using sophisticated encryption technology and is in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act making sure your personal information is secure. Only trained staff will have access to your data and we do not hold any permanent record of your card details when used for payment, for extra peace of mind.

Do I need a new key card when my current ticket expires?

No, once you have your key then it can be either topped up online or at one of our travel shops located in Salisbury, Poole or Southampton. Certain products can also be topped us on the bus by asking our driver at the time of purchase although you will need to have your key card with you to enable the top up to occur.

Once you have your key it will last for approximately 10 years which is the life of the card. To look after the card simply keep it in your wallet and avoid bending it, the same as you would your bank cards.

How long does it take to load a new product onto my key?

When you buy the product online, it will be loaded onto your key 48 hours after purchase. This is to allow our buses to receive this information overnight and to ensure the topup occurs successfully when you use your card

How do I know the ticket has been loaded onto my key card successfully?

The key website will be able to confirm your purchase after it has been made and you will be able to view this in your purchase history. When you use your key on the bus the smartcard reader will beep and show you a green light. This confirms that your ticket has been loaded onto your key and is valid for travel. If you get a red light ask the driver for help in the first instance, and, if you are still having problems after this you'll need to give us a call on 0845 8942469.

Why don't they just print the expiry date on my key?

We don't print an expiry date on your key as it is designed to be topped up and used again and again, making it more environmentally friendly than paper tickets

Are there any charges for using my debit or credit card to buy online?

There are no additional charges for using a debit or credit card. You will only pay for the price of your ticket.

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