Southern Vectis

Go South Coast Keycard

Using the key

How do I use my key on the bus?

To use your key on the bus all you have to do is place your key on the smartcard reader. Make sure you only put one card on there at a time and not your whole purse or wallet; as if you have other intelligent cards in there it may confuse the reader. The smartcard reader will beep and show you a green light confirming that the ticket is valid for travel. On first activation this can take between 5-7 seconds. You can then take your seat and carry on your journey as normal.

How do I find out when my products on the key will expire?

The easiest way for you to check when your ticket expires is by logging into your key account online. The driver will also let you know what products you have on your key if requested.

If I try to use my key after my product has expired how will I know? What shall I do?

If the ticket on your card has expired and is no longer valid for travel the smartcard reader will bleep five times and show a red light. This most likely confirms your ticket is not valid for travel and you will need to pay for your journey. If you get a red light and are unsure of the reason ask the driver for help in the first instance. If you are still experiencing problems then call us on 01202 678100. If a mistake has been made and you have had to pay for travel when your key was valid for travel we will offer you a no quibble refund.

Will I lose money if I buy a top up prematurely?

No you wont lose out; the system works by using the oldest tickets first. It will only use the new topped up tickets once the older tickets have expired.

How do I make sure there is a gap between top ups?

With all period passes, your new top-up will not become active until the previous period pass has been used. This allows you to leave a gap from the end of one top-up to the start of the next top-up, great for if you have a holiday planned.

How long are the products valid for?

All products which are brought for use on the key must be used within 24 months of purchase, however you will need to activate your ticket within the first three months of purchase or it will become archived.

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